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Ragusa is the youngest -and smallest -of Sicily’s provinces. It is located in the south ­ eastern part of the island. The historical centre of Ragusa lbla, together with Modica and Scicli, is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List as part of the baroque site of the Val di Noto. Its inland areas include the tableland of the lblei mountains, while the coastal part extends from the sandy dunes of Macconi, in the north, up to the magnificent beaches of Pozzallo in the south. Along the coast, fine sandy beaches alternate with low rocks and pebble beaches, almost at regular intervals. Truly unforgettable are the fishing hamlets of Scoglitti,Sampieri and Puntasecca (the latter has become extremely famous thanks to the TV series on Inspector Montalbano).

The main towns are characterised by the baroque style resulting from the reconstruction that followed the 1693 earthquake: magnificent baroque buildings and details can indeed be found in Vittoria, Comiso,Modica (which is also famous for its delicious chocolate) and Scicli, as well as in Ragusa itself. The smaller villages too, however, strike for their breathtaking beauty: Camarina, with its Corinthian, Hellenic and Roman remains; Chiaramonte Gulfi, with its steep stairs; Cava d’lspica, with its necropolises and cave dwellings; Donnalucata, with the baroque facades of its palaces overlooking the sea.


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