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It seems impossible to believe that Sicily an island famous for its beaches and sun is home to the highest provincial capital in Italy. And yet, Enna, located at an altitude of 948 metres above sea level, holds this record. This very ancient town was probably inhabited by the Sicanians even before the Sicels. In Roman times it was the cradle of the historic slave revolt headed by Syrian Eunus, while two thousand years later it opposed the House of Bourbon and supported Garibaldi. Enna is an austere, fortified and turreted town, like many other villages and towns in the surroundings: Calascibetta, Leonforte, Assoro, Agira, Centuripe, Regalbuto, Pietraperzia. The most outstanding feature of the municipality of Piazza Armerina is the rural residence called Villa Romana del Casale, included in the UNESCO Heritage Site List and dating back to the late 3rd century AD. The villa is built on several levels and can boast almost intact ancient baths and mosaics. Equally precious are the excavations in Morgantina, a town founded by the king of the Morgetes (hence its name) in an area that has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The town was then colonised by the Greek and the Romans. The famous Goddess of Morgantina is displayed in the Aidone archaeological museum.


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