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Caltanissetta whose name derives from the Arabian word Qal’a (meaning “castle”) combined with the name of the ancient town of Nissa — lies at the very heart of Sicily, at the foot of mount San Giuliano. This hilly area is deeply marked by large valleys and crags and is characterised by an impressively large number of fortresses and castles. The region was once well known for its sulphur mines: Trabia, Tallarita, Gessolungo, Trabonella … the legendary solfatare, also mentioned by Luigi Pirandello. Today, only their remains are left, resulting in uniquely charming views of “industrial archaeology”.

The Caltanissetta coast stretches along the fertile, beautiful plain of Gela, with its three precious Nature Reserves: the Biviere di Gela, the Sughereta (cork forest) di Niscemi, and the mouth of the lppari river. The town of Gela preserves undeniable evidence of its glorious past (dating back to its foundation by the Rhodians and Cretans, in 689 b.C.) in the Capo Soprano fortifications, a true masterpiece of Greek military architecture.


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