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Rising up above the sea, crowned by Mount Etna – which is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List because of its naturalistic beauties (sometimes it is erupting and sometimes it is capped with snow), magnificent and quiet, international and truly unique in its kind, ancient and yet extremely lively: this is Taormina. The town centre unravels around the beautiful street Corso Umberto I, which runs along the ancient Roman consular road and between the town’s two ancient gates: Porta Messina and Porta Catania. The small, panoramic square Piazza IX Aprile opens up along the Corso. From there, the gate Porta di Mezzo leads to the very heart of the medieval centre. The nearby naumachiae provide majestic evidence of the Roman imperial age: these imposing blind arches in red bricks were created to support a magnificent ancient reservoir of spring water. The most outstanding among the town’s many architectural jewels is the
over-two-thousand-year-old theatre, originally built by the Greeks and then modified during the Roman times, where world-class artistic events are held.
Taormina can also boast marvellous palaces (Corvaja, Ciampoli, Duchi di Santo Stefano), churches (Santa
Caterina d’Alessandria, San Pancrazio, San Giuseppe, and the cathedral, dedicated to St. Nicholas), towers, villas, terraces, and gardens…


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