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The province of Syracuse is not particularly large, but it is densely populated and holds and incredible amount of historical sites. It lies in the south-eastern part of Sicily, whose extreme southern tip extends between two seas, the Ionian Sea and the Sicilian Sea. This area can boast sites of outstanding environmental and naturalistic value, which are preserved by five Protected Areas: the Oasis of Vendicari; the Cava Grande del Cassibile nature reserve; the island of Capo Passero; Pantalica and the Anapo Valley; and the Reserve of the Ciane River and the Syracuse salinas.
Syracuse, together with the necropolis of Pantalica, is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List; at its very heart stands the fortified island of Ortigia, with its wonderful cathedral, the Aretusa spring, the Maniace castle, the close-knit network of baroque buildings decorated by cornices, portals, wide-bellied balconies, and masks. On the mainland truly sensational archaeological sites can be admired: the Greek theatre, the Paradiso quarries, the Ear of Dionysus, the Grotta dei Cordari (cave of the rope makers), the Roman amphitheatre, the catacombs …
The province of Syracuse includes countless beautiful villages, particularly the one-of-a­ kind Palazzolo Acreide and Noto both listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List as part of the baroque site of the Valdi Noto, Avola, Francofonte, Lentini, Marzamemi and Portopalo di Capopassero.


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